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Lake Victoria (Tanzania), Tanganyika (Burundi), Kivu (Rwanda), Albert and Edward (Uganda).


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Lake Malawi (NASA, December 1993) This photograph shows Lake Malawi  (or Lake Nyasa), one of many elongated lakes that form part of the Great Rift Valley of east Africa. The lake, bounded by steep mountains on all sides except the southern end, is approximately 580 km long, averages 40 km in width, and has a maximum depth of 706 meters. Lake Malawi is drained at the south end by the Shire River, which eventually empties into the Zambezi River. The lake and its steep-sloped shoreline were created by faulting that caused a thrust upward as the valley floor subsided between the slopes. The darker area along the northwest coast of the lake is the Nyika Plateau, which has several elevations more than 8000 feet (2440 meters) above sea level. Landlocked Malawi extends along the entire west coast of the lake.


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