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One of the beautiful beaches in Porto Seguro, in Bahia coast.




Brazil’s natural beauty is reflected in a wide variety of geographic locations, from the distinctive dome shape of Sugar Loaf Mountain in Rio de Janeiro, to the magnificent Iguaçu Falls and the charming Curitiba in the south, to the strange limestone formations in Minas Gerais, in the Southeast region.

The historic city of Salvador, Bahia, the first Brazilian capital, is one of the oldest in the American continent and the birthplace of Samba, Bossa Nova and Capoeira.

A broad contrast exists between the nation’s two main physical features: the densely forested lowlands of the Amazon Basin in the north and the generally open uplands of the Brazilian Highlands in the South and Southeast regions.


Historic Station of Luz, in São Paulo, Brazil. Open for the public in 1901.


Aerial view of Ilha do Mel (Honey Island) in Paraná Coast.


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Rui Barbosa square, in Curitiba, southern Brazil.


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Salvador Bahia


Church of Santo Antônio da Barra at the Todos os Santos bay in the historic city of Salvador, Bahia. The first capital of Brasil, founded in the 16th century, was one of the most important city in America, at that time. It was loved by Darwin, when the scientist went to Brazil, in 1832.




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